GreenComp School is a Forward Looking European project aiming to achieve a sustainable mindset in the context of elementary schools based, upon the GreenComp European Framework.

Project number: 101087438



Starting date: January 2023 End date: March 2026 Project duration: 39 months


GreenComp is a reference framework for sustainability competencies. It provides a common ground to learners and guidance to educators, advancing a consensual definition of what sustainability as a competence entails.

It responds to the growing need for people to improve and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to live, work and act in a sustainable manner. It is designed to support education and training programs for lifelong learning. It is written for all learners, irrespective of their age and their education level, and in any learning setting – formal, non-formal, and informal.

Sustainability competencies can help learners become systemic and critical thinkers, as well as develop agency, and form a knowledge basis for everyone who cares about our planet’s present and future state.

The GreenComp Framework, has not yet been tested in a real setting and the framework itself invites the educators of Europe to treat it as a living document and test it, adjust it, find the subfields that it can be used, propose any changes that could make it better.