About the Project

GreenComp School aims to develop blended training for all educational sectors with the goal to foster sustainable mindsets of primary school students and their parents by training and equipping teachers and students of HE primary school departments with micro-credential courses and flexible interdisciplinary training for primary school students and their parents.

Validate and Identify the GreenComp framework in the school context
Create GreenComp School HE and VET micro credential blended training programs for building the capacity of teachers
Develop interdisciplinary, participatory methods and practices for primary school
Develop Parent – Pupil participatory pedagogical non-formal project-based learning (PBL) activities and games
Digitalisation and validation of the GreenComp school learning approach
Develop and test a GreenComp fairs methodology, for providing hands-on experience to parents, pupils, and teachers
Produce policy recommendations to cross-sectoral support HE and VET training systems to build teachers’ capacity towards fostering a sustainability mindset in the primary school context